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Our curriculum stands out as a unique blend of Project-Based, Play-Based, Nature-Based, Montessori, and Reggio-inspired learning approaches.


In high-quality early childhood programs, the emphasis on creative thinking is crucial for preparing children to thrive in a complex and ever-evolving world. Purposeful play, both structured and unstructured, plays a pivotal role in fostering children's intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.


Here are key principles that underscore the significance of play in a child's learning journey:


- Children as Thinkers:We recognize children as natural thinkers who reflect on and explore their world.


- Purposeful Play: Learning occurs as children engage in purposeful play, where the process is as important as the outcome.


- Building Knowledge:Children gradually build knowledge, laying the foundation for continuous learning.


- Empowered Decision-Making: Encouraging children to make choices and practice decision-making skills.


Our learning environments are carefully designed to support purposeful play, featuring:


- Various-sized and textured blocks.


- Materials for dramatic and imaginative play.


- Manipulative and table toys.


- Art materials and tools for creative exploration.


- Sensory play materials, including sand and water.


- A dedicated library area.


- Engaging music and movement activities.


- Hands-on cooking experiences.


- Field trips, outdoor adventures, and gross motor play.


- A designated quiet area for children seeking solitude.


- Rich language and print resources.


- Writing tools and materials.


These elements collectively create an environment where children can thrive, explore, and learn at their own pace.


Our preschool curriculum provides developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities to encourage your child to be confident, successful, life-long learners. The early years are critical to your child’s positive growth and development and they are eager to learn new skills, experience challenging opportunities, and be encouraged for their strengths and talents. 

We ensure every child is receiving the creative learning experiences they require and that they are developing physically, intellectually, and socially. Our activities, games, and curriculum are all formulated to engage and your child’s natural curiosity and provide a foundation for lifelong success. Preparing your child to succeed in school and in life is the core of our preschool curriculum. 


Our Developmental Approach

In our classrooms, we include daily instruction and activities targeted toward these essential developmental areas:

  • Social-Emotional

  • Gross & Fine Motor Skills

  • Language & Literacy

  • Cognitive

  • Math 

  • Science 

  • Social Studies

  • Arts

Our Curriculum Aligned to early learning guidelines in California and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, our program is meeting all requirements while focusing on the needs of individual children.

New Journey Mandarin Immersion Preschool and Childcare is a high quality 100% Chinese (Mandarin) Immersion program for children age 12 months to 6 years old. We are a preschool program that provides a safe, fun, educational, and stimulating environment for all children. 


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