"The wider the range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences."
-Loris Malaguzzi
Our Mission
To provide your child with a happy and safe learning environment.
To encourage children to explore and enjoy the learning process with the establishment of a positive attitude towards lifelong learning and development.

For every child, we promise to provide them
with equality of learning atmosphere to help every child grow physically, emotionally and intellectually as well as all aspects of development respect including the ability to show virtue, sincerity, empathy, love, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.

As a parent, we understand that choosing a school for a child is one of the most important decisions you will make. We understand that nothing in this world is more precious than your child, and are honored for being considered.



We would love to meet you and your little one!
Call us to set up a tour at 415-670-0996 or email us at NewJourneyPS@gmail.com
We are licensed and certified in Health and Safety Standards and Nutrition.
All our staff are trained and certified in Pediatric First Aid and CPR.
Fingerprinted and the background checks clearance.